**HALF-STAFF ~ Wednesday, August 3, until sunset, Thursday, August 4, 2022 ** In memory of Representative Jacqueline Walorski

In memory of Rep. Jacqueline Walorski
U.S. flags will fly at half-staff

President Biden ordered all United States Flags to half-staff August 3-4, 2022, in honor of the passing of Representative Jackie Walorski. Walorski has represented Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District as a Republican in the United States House of Representatives since 2013. She died Wednesday, August 3 in an automobile accident.

Statement from President Biden
“Jill and I are shocked and saddened by the death of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana along with two members of her staff in a car accident today in Indiana,” Biden wrote. “Born in her beloved South Bend as the daughter of a meat-cutter and firefighter, she spent a lifetime serving the community that she grew up in — as a journalist, a nonprofit director, a state legislator, and eventually as a Member of Congress for the past nine and half years.”

Walorksi, who served on the House Ways and Means Committee, was first elected to represent Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District in 2012. She previously served three terms in the state’s Legislature.

Walorski, 58, was born in South Bend and lived near Elkhart, Ind. She and her husband were previously missionaries in Romania, where they established a foundation that provided food and medical supplies to impoverished children. She worked as a television news reporter in South Bend before entering politics.

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